Jul 11, 2012

Unified Korea

The today's post is about map flags. Everybody have seen someday a flag with a map on it: Cyprus, Kosovo, The United Nations and also an Antarctic flag proposal (see my post about Antarctic flags), just to name a few of them. But tonight I'll relate about another map flag: that one used by a unified Korean team (formed by athletes from North Korea and South Korea) in some sportive competitions in 1990s and 2000s. They used this flag:

This flag isn't awesome. Being true, it's very boring. A white background with a map of Korean Peninsula and surrounding islands, in light blue. Why light blue? It's a color usually used to represent neutrality, because it's used by UN (I don't want to enter in discussions about UN's level of neutrality).

You may say: but why don't we use a flag that contains common elements to both Koreas, or historically used by the both. Oh, I have a flag that fit perfectly in both categories: the flag used by Josean and, after that, by Korean Empire. The flag is this:

Now, answer this question: isn't it similar to the flag used by one of the sides?

DPR Korea (North Korea)Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Anybody saying it doesn't resemble South Korean flag is lying or being ironical. I'm sure that North Korea doesn't consider this flag much "neutral". So they used the first flag, that one with the map.

So, it's the reason why I mentioned unified Korea flag. Are maps flags absolutely cool? Generally, not. Are they simple? No, they increase flag-maker's work a lot. But, in spite of all criticism, they're used, because they're neutral options, and usually every size agree with them.

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  1. I still think that the flag of the Korean Empire would be the better option for a unified Korea, as both the north and the south are direct descendants. The map flag conveys only culturally void geography.

    1. I'd say that some descendants are more "direct" than others, at least considering the flags adopted.

  2. I thought the second flag was the flag after the Josean dynasty was destroyed?


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