May 28, 2015

Planet Earth [Oskar Pernefeldt's proposal]

One of biggest flag-releated news to pop on world's internet this month was the proposal of "The International Flag of Planet Earth", by a Swedish designer named Oskar Pernefeldt. According to the official site, it was designed as a graduation project.

Have you seen this design?

I sincerely like the design, even though it's a bit complicated.

According to the site, the objective of the flag is being used to raise awareness and represent the Planet Earth as a whole — one given example is an international earthling colony in Mars!

The blue color is iconic of Earth since, at least, the famous Yuri Gagarin's speech. Its bright blue shade was chosen to stand out against both space's darkness and white shiny space suits and ships. The seven rings represent the seven continents, and are arranged as Borromean rings i.e. one ring can't be removed without collapsing the whole structure.

One special note: when I learned about the "seven continents" thing, I, being South American, immediately associated it to Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and... North America, Central America and South America! Being the designer Swedish, they more probably were North America, South America and Antarctica.

By the way, design and rationale are a bit reminiscent of Olympic rings, aren't they?

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