Sep 21, 2014

United Kingdom without Scotland [fictional]

September 18th, 2014. That day, Scotland had the change to vote for its independence from United Kingdom, in a referendum. In the breakfast of the next day, the votes count confirmed the "No". However, in the upcoming weeks, there were many predictions about a hypothetic United Kingdom without Scotland, including the flags.

Among those flags, one of the most commonly found was the following:

How is this design done? Pick the current flag and remove the blue. But, differently from popular knowledge, it's not 100% free of "Scottishness".

As I antecipated in this article, the strange look of St. Patrick's cross (the red saltire i.e. diagonal cross) is due to its merge with Scottish St. Andrew's cross. What a parcel of media forgot was that, without Scottish saltire, the flag would look like this:

This layout is, by far, bolder and more equilibrated. Obviously, many other design could be taken into consideration, and media did it; some of them kept the blue, others added elements to Wales and, more rarely, Cornwall.

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