Jul 31, 2012

Franco-Newfoundlanders (Canada)

I've said before how much I like modern flag. Not that I dislike traditional flags, but modern flags put the creativity to next level. Today I'll present one of these flags: the flag of Francophone people in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Franco-Newfoundlanders (in English) or Franco-Terreneuviens (in French). Look at it:

These different partitions haven't place in traditional vexillology, but, in a different than modern way, a great flag like this never would take place. What I like most in this flag is the way the white and red partitions border forms a mast. Actually, many of Francophone Canadians flags has excellent designs.

Let me explain the symbolism of this flag. The flag is, obviously, based in flags of France and Acadia (French North America). The form how the partitions are divided, as I said above, simulates a ship mast. The yellow parts form the ship's flags; color is picked from Acadian flag. The ship represents the Breton, Basque and French fishermen that came to region in colonial period. The first sail holds a spruce twig (symbol of Labrador), and the second one holds a pitcher flower (provincial flower of Newfoundland and Labrador).

And you? Do you prefer traditional or modern flags? Why?

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