Jul 20, 2012

Curaçao (Netherlands)

Some time ago, I said I'll post some Caribbean flags, because some of them are among the best flags in all the world. I posted the ones from Barbados and former Anguilla Republic, but now I'll posted other beautiful flag: the one from Curaçao, a Dutch dependency on Caribbean Sea. Its flag is this:

This flag exists and is in use since 1982, but gained more visibility on 2010, when Netherlands Antilles was dissolved and Curaçao gained the states of "country" under Dutch dominion. The main virtue of this flag is simplicity: just geometrical shapes, very visible and distinguishable one of others.

 The symbolism isn't much different from the others Caribbean good flags. The flag has two blue stripes: the stripe on top is for sky, the one from bottom is for sea. They're separated by a yellow stripe, symbolizing the sun that bathes island's surface.

The flag also comprises two stars on top-left canton. The bigger represents Curaçao island, bigger island on archipelago and from where the administration is settled; the second is for Klevin Curaçao island, the second bigger from archipelago. They also mean "love and happiness". According to flag creators, the star are five-pointed because the local people came from "five continents".

I hope you liked the post. Anyway, comments are welcome!

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