Aug 22, 2012

Greenland (Denmark)

Today's post is about a very interesting design technique, used both in flags and coat of arms: the "counterchanged" effect. What is this? It's easier explain with an example, and I chose a great and famous one: Greenland!

In this case, it's said that red and white are counterchanged. When using contrasting colors, like these, it's a dynamic way of make them become even more contrasting. A simple and original design, like this, is the reason to this beautiful flag.

And a additional detail makes it simply extraordinary: there's a good symbolism behind! At first sight, the flag resembles the sun fading on horizon and being reflected by the sea. And the flag creator admits other meanings: the white stripe for glaciers and ice cap, the red stripe for the ocean, the red semicircle to the sun, and finally the white semicircle to icebergs. Simply genial!

Extra: the Greenlandic flag was adopted in 1985, when the above flag received 14 votes. The runner-up ended with 11 votes. This is the flag that ended in second place:

It's an interesting flag, too. Greenland flag is the only national Nordic flag currently doesn't using the Nordic cross, but this second proposal uses. The color meaning is interesting: white for ice and green is canting island name: Greenland ("green land"). There're rumors, that I can't personally confirm, that while current flag is used principally by Inuit, the Danish-descendant prefer this proposed flag. If it's true, reasons are clear!

Did you like the post? Do you want to express your opinion about any of these flags? Leave a comment, please. Thank you for reading!

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