Aug 15, 2012

Estonia, Ukraine

Today I'll post something about flags representing landmarks, a technique that commonly generate good flags. Currently, at least three independent nations use landmark flags: Estonia, Kiribati and Ukraine. In local spheres, they're also very used. This post will be focused on Estonia and Ukraine, my favorite flags in this criteria.


The yellow and blue has been associated with Ukraine for centuries, and there's no register of what this originally represents. The current flag was adopted in 1992, after USSR broke-up, but a very similar model was used soon after World War I. In modern times, blue is associated with sky, while yellow is for wheat fields. See a typical Ukrainian landmark that explain this interpretation:


More interesting example is Estonian flag:

A historic interpretation gives an alternate explanation to the colors: blue for ancient freedom, black for lost independence and white for a brighter future. Other interpretations exist, however. And some Estonians associate it to the winter landmark in the country: blue is sky, black the tree without leaves and white the snow floor. See a truly Estonian image:

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