Mar 16, 2014


The flag of Crimea has appeared on many newspapers on last days. This post will not discuss the politics related, but the flag itself.

If you read or watch news recurrently, it's very possible that you have saw this flag:

If you look carefully, the design is rare and curious.The central stripes is too wide compared to whole flag. The reason is it isn't an untouched flag. In 1992, five flag proposals were presented to the Crimean parliament, that chose proposal #5, by A. Malgin and V. Trusov, that was identical to current flag, except for a detail...

Yes, the coat of arms. The white area was originally destined to it, but Crimean parliament decided not to use the arms on the flag, leaving it blank. Vexillology is also made by intentions and should-bes...

I don't know any documents containing the rationale of each of the submitted proposals at the time. While the colors are the same of the coat of arms, it's not clear if the use of Pan-Slavic (or, more specifically, Russian) colors were intentional.

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