Jul 26, 2013


Have you ever noticed that Pakistani flag is so different of the others and still one of most charming national flags in the world?

Let's take a look:

This white hoist makes the flag much more original than the average bichromatic flag, considering it's a very rare composition. Usually, a similar flag would have an unbalanced composition, but the strikingly simplicity of Pakistan flag manages it well.

The flag of Pakistan has a great symbolism, that can be used to explain the history of the country. The flag is based on the All-India Muslim League, that used basically the national flag without its white stripe. The green stripe represents the Islamism (Moghul Empire and the Sultanate of Delhi, some historical rulers of the region, used green flags), the same about the stars and crescent, although it's stated that the former also represents progress, and the latter, light.

The white stripe represents the peace between religions and the religious minorities of the country. Probably, this symbolism was kept from the Indian flag, where orange stands for Hinduism, green for Islamism and white for religious peace. Pakistan flag still represent the Islamic nature of the country, but also the promise for religious tolerance. A nice insight!

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