Apr 10, 2013

Worcestershire (United Kingdom)

 The county of Worcestershire adopted a new flag on the 8th day of this month. See it:
The flag was adopted after winning a poll conducted by BBC Hereford & Worcester, among the more than 400 entries. The winner designer was Elaine Christine Truby. Although my personal favorite on the competition was other, I can't see reservations against this flag.
The main feature of the flag are the black pears, a variety of pears original of the county, and with large history of representation of Worcestershire. A pear tree with fruits was used to represent the county on the Battle of Agincourt (1415), according to Michael Drayton's poem. The three black pears were added to the coat of arms of city of Worcester in 1575, after the Queen Elizabeth I saw a black pear tree planted in her honor during a visit to the region. The black pears also appear on council's coat of arms and county cricket team badge.

The rest of the flag is very standard: green for the hills and blue for the rivers, specially the River Severn that crosses the county.

The flag was yet adopted, registered on UK Flag Registry and flown on the cathedral of Worcester.

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