Jan 16, 2013


Today I'll talk about other very cute flag: Botswana. I'm sure people from Botswana wouldn't want to change their flag: it's very charming and have a nice symbolism. See this masterpiece:

Some people consider the white-black-blue combination as very cold, but it sure combines very well (previously, I talked about Estonia flag) and is very distinguishable from the red-green-yellow of many African flags. If you don't believe this combination is sufficiently nifty, look at this ties collection. See only one example:

Botswana passed in my "tie test" with honor! Cooler than Botswana flag look, only its symbolism. Blue is from country's motto, literally translated as "Rain" (ironically, "Good luck", too). Black and white represents racial harmony (the flag is from 1966, but no apparent relation with Civil Rights campaign). It also represents the zebras, the supporters of national coat of arms. Every flag with zebras on it (if correctly depicted) is a total winner, and end of discussion!

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