Dec 5, 2012

Bavaria (Germany)

The flag of German state of Bavaria is one of my favorite flags in all world. It's very simple, but its shape is very catching. Firstly, it's important to clarify which of the Bavarian flags I'm talking about: there're two of them. The first is a very boring bicolor-striped flag. The second has its inclined lozenges that are very cool. Just look at it:

[The number of lozenges varies from source by source.]
It looks like a racing flag being shaken, what's very interesting because BMW headquarters are there. By the way, BMW logo includes a stylized Bavarian flag. Have you ever noticed flag?

The coolness of state flag echoed on its capitol city, Munich. The city also use a bicolor flag, but the lozengy variant flag is much more liked.

What's your opinion about the Bavaria and Munich flags? Please, leave a comment.

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