Sep 24, 2012


Who owns a flag? Technically, with exception of private flags, about 90% of all flags are in public domain, i.e., the subject represented by the flag doesn't gain royalties by the use of it. It's the main reason flags can be seen everywhere: at Internet, on magazines and newspapers, etc., although commonly they're protected of being used in merchandises, but you still can see it.

Today I'll speak about a successful example: Switzerland. See the flags (first is national flag, second is the civil and state ensign):

The flag of Switzerland is good: simple, easy to be remembered. And it's almost impossible not associate the Swiss flag with this symbol-products: Swiss Army knives, clocks, chocolate. For instance, look at the trademarks of two official Swiss Army knives manufacturers: Victorinox and Wenger.

If it's right or not, it's not the question; the truth is that flags, principally when they're easily distinguishable, can still favor national economy!

Did you liked the post? No? Your opinion is welcome on comments. By the way, answer me: in your country, is there any enterprise that associates its products to national flag?

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