May 6, 2012

Guernsey (United Kingdom)

Flags obtained from mixing two or more older flags are very common on "alternate history" and sci-fi websites. I have to admit that some of them have some artistic merit. But this kind of flag exists in real life (remember of Maryland), and Guernsey is a good example of when it occurs nicely.

This is a young flag: was created in 1985. This is a mix of St. George's flag, that was being used since 1936 as state flag (I don't know how the College of Arms and similar organs allowed it), with a old Norman cross, used by William the Conqueror, in the center. You can see below a deduction of how William's banner looked like:

This flag was created because Guernsey's St. George's cross was confused with English St. George's Cross, for example, at sportive competitions — it's obvious, they used the same flag!

The result, as you can see, was very good. The Guernsey flag is distinctive, easily memorized and good-looking. And it has, definitely, a pretty medieval look to a flag from 1985.

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